LinkedIn Bot

LinkedIn Bot is a project designed to quick searching for experts all over the world, communication and cooperation with them. Based on the social network LinkedIn, LinkedIn Bot provides a unique functionality to improve the efficiency of your business. With LinkedIn Bot you can, for example, make a mass mailing to specialists that you need or make your profile on LinkedIn popular in a short time and even more.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Bot Project
Screenshot of LinkedIn Bot Project

Key Features

  1. The ability to do mailing by means of LinkedIn Bot Project or by providing your personal LinkedIn-profile.
  2. The system is tracking LinkedIn updates and displays to the user about new messages from the experts, the number of completed mailings and other.
  3. API documentation with a detailed description of all the methods provided by the system.
  4. Users are assigned for a specific company. You can view the statistics of sent messages for each company and overall charges in the system.



Frameworks : Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, JUnit, JSP, Spring Security

UI : JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, Html5, Bootstrap

Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 7

Operating Systems : Ubuntu server

Technologies : Java (EE, SE), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Maven, JPA, REST,Java multithreading & concurrence, JDBC, Selenium

Version Control Systems : Git

Software methodologies : Code refactoring, Design patterns, TDD, Agile, Scrum.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Bot Project
Screenshot of LinkedIn Bot Project

Architectural Solutions

Project LinkedIn Bot aims at collecting, processing and modification of a large number of already existing information. Annex need to deal with hundreds and even thousands of hits to the database per second, in connection with this system is heavily dependent on the database.

LinkedIn Bot can function as multiple independent nodes, each of which runs multiple threads - bots that perform tasks assigned to them. Tasks processed by the plugin Selenium, which performs the specified Java or JavaScript commands. Competent development allows the maximum to simulate the usual human actions on LinkedIn.