Pig Bang

Pig Bang - is not only adaptive, cross-browser, dynamic website mobile games, but a private content management system. The website is developed with a ready design, and the CMS allows you to update information, publish and change it without the involvement of specialists.

Screenshot of Pig Bang Site
Screenshot of Pig Bang Site

Key Features

  1. Site Content Management
  2. Filling pages with content blocks
  3. Loading image files to the server
  4. Receiving applications from site
  5. Transfer applications by e-mail
  6. Capture YouTube video frame and save as image



Frameworks : Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, JUnit, JSP

UI : JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, Html5, Bootstrap

Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 7

Operating Systems : Ubuntu server

Technologies : Java EE, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Maven, REST

Version Control Systems : Git

Software methodologies : Code refactoring, Design patterns, TDD, Agile, Scrum.

Screenshot of Pig Bang Site